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We know how much effort our clients put into their business and we pride ourselves on how we can assist our clients increase their customer base and increase the professional image of their company.

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To show you how our Translation Service works, we carry out a FREE Sample Translation on the first 600 words or one page of your document.



Translation Services always chose the best translators to meet your requirements. All documents are translated and proofread before being sent back to you  Learn More


Website translation doesn't have to be difficult for you! Just send us your files and we will do it for you quickly and efficiently.  Learn More


Translation Services has a very versatile group of professional translators with a relevant experience in various legal translation projects.
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We employs specially chosen translators with a proven track record and solid technical understanding to worke on technical documents.  Learn More

The most common languages we have translated from or to English are listed below.

Language should be no barrier

Translation Services 's mission is to make sure that out of all the barriers that face our clients in their daily lives and business, language is not one of them. Translation Services has a huge network of translators and there has not been a request yet that we have not been able to handle. So no matter what the language you want translated please give us a try.

Translation Services

Submitting work to Translating Services is an easy process that, as our name suggests, can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pricing is always given upfront meaning no nasty surprises.



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The price of translation a document is based both on the wordcount and the delivery time you require the job to be done.

Through our highly trained network of translators, proofreaders and editors, Translation Services will match your work with someone with specialist knowledge of your subject area. We guarantee a high quality, efficient, cost-effective and confidential service for all your academic needs.

In today's global multi-cultural society we often find ourselves in need of a foreign language that we may not be fluent in. Whether you have just moved abroad and need help communicating with utility companies or are trying to buy a holiday home in Spain, we can help you read and write important correspondence to aid you in your personal life. Examples of some of the things we've helped personal customers with before include:

  • Translation of website content into target languages
  • Translation of marketing material into target languages
  • Drafting of emails/letters to foreign customers and suppliers
  • Translation of emails/letters from foreign customers and suppliers
  • Translation of property rental documents when moving abroad for work
  • Translating letters/ emails from banks after setting up accounts abroad
  • Helping draft letters to foreign authorities to sort out tax matters
  • Help with emailing hotels ahead of travel about customers' requirements
  • Translation of informative documents
  • Translation of community campaign material
  • Translation of research papers into target language (usually English)
  • Translation of academic textbooks into target languages
  • Translation of conference posters into target language
  • Translation of academic website content into target languages
  • Translation of letters/emails to foreign academic collaborators
  • Translation of emails/letters from foreign academic collaborators
  • Translating of academic work ahead of publication/submission
  • Translation of community plans
  • Translation of forms
  • Translation of local government website content

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All work is carried out in a timeframe requested by you the customer, so whether you want your website translated into Russian in a months or you need that email from a key German business partner translated by tomorrow morning, we can help.

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We are completely confident you will be happy with our service; however if you are not satisfied with work we do we will assist you in any way we can. Most of our business comes from recommendation and it is likely that you directed here by a friend or colleague, so you will already know how satisfied our customers are, and know that we will make sure that you are the next one to recommend us.


Our technical experts are ready to help you and available 24/7/365.



All work that we do is treated with the utmost confidentiality and we regularly sign non-disclosure agreements for that added peace of mind.


We make it easy to get online, but if you do need help or just wanna talk to someone, our online experts are available 24/7/365.

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