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The greatest difficulty in highly specialized translations usually causes translation of terms. There are many examples where the interpreters, due to ignorance of specific concepts, made funny and sometimes lead to serious errors.

Do not forget that the progress is not in place, on a monthly basis to produce new products, developing new techniques, and, of course, in every industry terminology is updated. Experienced translator should be aware of all the changes, to know all the new concepts and be able to translate them properly in the context of highly specialized texts.

Cases of translation of technical documentation and instructions. Imagine a translator, without knowing the exact value of the special term, allows the translation error. What happens? The client receives a misinterpretation and, as a result of work on the wrong instructions, a huge number of defective products, failure of which could have been avoided.

This situation did not arise if the customer has used our FREE Translation or has specified in advance whether the translator experience in your area of interest, whether it is already translated documents and whether to participate in conferences on similar topics.