Website translation

Translation Services specialises in website content translation and will translate websites into multiple languages, increasing the website's reach to a wider audience and increasing your organisation's impact. Having foreign sections of websites increases the likelihood of appearing on an internet search when someone searches in their native language, therefore not only is someone in a foreign country going to be able to understand your website, they are more likely to find it if it is translated.

With globalisation, today's multi-cultural societies and increased tourism, there are few organisations that would not benefit from having their website translated into the world's major languages. From a small bed and breakfast increasing the amount of foreign tourists who book in, to the research group who get a higher amount of hits on their website and hence more research impact, when people search for information regarding your research area in their own language.

Due to Translation Services 's huge network of translator's there is no website too big for us to translate, but if you only have a small website, we would love to help you translate that too. There's no reason why a small business/research group should not have an international reach!

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Example of Website translation